Hi, travel picture lovers

Welcome to picturetraveller.com
I’m a photographer passionate about travel, explore, communicate with another culture, traditions.
After some years of travel, I had so many pictures, I decided to share with others too.
So this is my travel photography photo-blog primary based on pictures and some texts, info.
Here you can find pictures from countries I visited from a year 2006 till now days. In some cases more detailed info will be added, like location, maps, explain a situation on a photo, why this interesting to me.

Full list of trips:
Tunisia, 2006
Egypt, 2007
Egypt, 2008
Greece, 2009
Thailand, 2011 April
Turkey, Greece/Rhodes, 2012 May
Greece/Kos, 2013
Bulgaria, 2013 July
Ukraine/Kiev, 2013 October
Cyprus, 2013 December
Sri Lanka, Maldives, 2014 March
Georgia, 2014 April
Georgia, 2014 June
Iceland, 2014 October
Spain/Barcelona, 2014 November
Georgia, 2015 January
India, Istambul, 2015 May
Norway, 2015 August
Morroco, 2015, October
USA, 2016 March
Moldova-Odessa/Ukraine, 2016 June
Croatia, 2016 August
Norway, 2016 October
Iceland, 2016 November
Gran Canary/Tenerife, 2017 January
Israel/Jordan, 2017 February
Bosnia-Herzogovina/Sarajevo, 2017 March
Scotland, 2017 May

Near–future plans:
Italy/Bari, 2017 June
Iran, 2017 November


All ©, credits: Mindaugas Rakstelis